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the frightened trapeze swinger
10 August 2010 @ 02:26 pm
A while ago, someone somewhere posted a fun meme thing that composed of creating a movie based around your life (soundtrack included). Because I enjoy living my day to day life as though it's worthy of an Oscar, I naturally jumped at the opportunity.

warning: this shit is super image heavy. and useless, too, so bypassing this will not cause you to miss out on anything.

i'm pretty much certifiable at this pointCollapse )

This tagging business is for the birds, and it's also a lot of pressure.
If you're looking for something to kill a shit load of time with, I recommend this.
Or, you could do it like normal people would and not get super fucking into it. 
Whatever, whatever.

Oh, also, JOHN MAYER TONIGHT, BITCHES. Get psyched for photos you don't really care to see but I'll force on you anyway. :)

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